Nelson Samayoa

Software Developer
Nelson Samayoa
Over nine years as a .Net/C# developer with Angular (TypeScript) experience. A believer in the term full-stack. Passionate about UI/UX. Experienced in Scrum, Visual Studio, VS Code, DevOps & test automation, Git, Rest APIs, Azure cloud, and .Net Core. Programmer as a profession and as a hobby. Mobile development experience using Flutter & Dart. Native speaker of English and Spanish. Fluent in Japanese, and French.


BS Computer Science Oregon State University
BA Spanish Portland State University


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Software Developer May 2018 - Present DriveTime Tempe, AZ
C#, Angular 7 & 8, Ionic (mobile), REST API, WCF, GraphQL API development, Optimizely (experimentation), Azure Devops (VSTS), Azure Functions, and Message queues & Topics. Splunk & AppInsights for logging & analytics, Feature Flags, TypeScript/Javascript, GitHub/Git, Visual Studio, VS Code, SQL server, and Target Process for Scrum management. Debugging tools such as Fiddler, & Postman. I worked mainly on Microservice APIs and Angular web apps as a Full Stack dev for the various teams. Notable team and solo projects:
  1. Full-stack development on and
  2. Introduced Angular Material components into an existing Angular project and set UI/UX, performance, and coding standards and practices.
  3. Part of the dev team that created a public-facing GraphQL API (C#/.Net) for external consumption
  4. Participated in architecture discussions and proposed, created a POC, and implemented the authentication model on our public API.
  5. Migrated legacy product to use Azure Active Directory auth (OpenID Connect).
  6. Architected and implemented Subscriber model solution for processing vehicle inventorying photos using Azure services such as server-less functions, service bus, queues, blob storage, and Azure AD.
  7. Recreated a legacy app in Angular 8 as a side project (not on work time)
  8. Architected and implemented system for vehicle value analysis using Azure.
  9. Work on legacy jQuery and KnockoutJS apps when needed.
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Software Developer Jan 2017 - Mar 2018 iPro Tech Tempe, AZ
C#, Selenium, PowerShell, Azure Devops (VSTS), JavaScript. I lead the automated testing effort and developed in-house testing framework (C#) on top of Selenium and CodedUI. Awarded three times for work-ethic, and received two product certifications within first two months. Notable team and solo projects:
  1. Created a Google Charting API Dashboard (JavaScript library) for dev teams to view test results related to their products. This page retrieved TFS data using the Team Services REST API.
  2. Developed framework features such as in-house database logging (C# with Entity Framework), test result reporting, async multi-browser testing, and async test execution across multiple test agents.
  3. Created multithreaded WinForms utility (C#) to help the Support Team debug issues on customer environments.
  4. Lead conversion of tests into SpecFlow BDD framework (Cucumber for .Net using MSTest) and White (free alternative to CodedUI), which made Automation efforts much cheaper for the company.
  5. Created and managed my team’s Sprints (Agile/Scrum) using TFS and later Jira.
  6. Handled DevOps functions with on-prem Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS & PowerShell scripting).
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Software Developer Jul 2012 - Jan 2017 Dell Inc Tempe, AZ
C#, Rest API, WCF, MVC with Razor, WinForms, MSSQL, ASP.Net, MVC, Entity framework, Rest API’s, Unity for Dependency Injection, WinForms, and integration with Active Directory & LDAP. Won the Dell Champion Award in 2015, which is given to valuable employees. Notable team and solo projects:
  1. Create a C# CLI utility used by support for capturing data from Windows, SQL, and Active Directory which was required when investigating customer issues. Created a WinForms reporting client used for viewing historic snapshot data of security policies using data from our RESTful API (hosted on IIS).
  2. Took ownership of the Windows Service project (C#) that created security policy snapshots. I worked on fixing bugs and eventually trained customers on its codebase during the sunsetting phase.
  3. Worked on various WinForms, Windows Services, ASP.NET Web Services, and Web App projects.
  4. Lead the Automated test development team which included myself and 4 other developers using Azure and VSTS, which we used for Sprint (Agile/Scrum) planning and reporting team progress to managers.
  5. Trained developers on developing with MS CodedUI, Selenium, API-based testing, load testing, load testing, and Security & Penetration testing.
  6. Responsible for DevOps functions such as creation and maintenance of MSBuild servers, build/release definitions, and automated test environments for all Phoenix product teams. This includes on-prem TFS, Visual Studio Online (VSTS), PowerShell scripts, and integration with Azure Virtual Machines for automated testing.
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Software Developer Sep 2010 - Jul 2012 Intel Inc Hillsboro, OR
Developed new features, maintained existing C# and MVC (Razor) code, and repaired defects in the internal testing Framework/IDE developed by my team. Trained our customers on the use of our toolset and framework. Aided other Engineers by troubleshooting and correcting their VBScript and JavaScript. Performed tests and pre-release checks. Diagnosed issues and implemented fixes in our internal customers’ test scripts. Notable team and solo projects:
  1. Implemented feature to load XML files larger than the available RAM.
  2. Implemented feature to save breakpoints in the code editor.
  3. Implemented JavaScript support including autocomplete and syntax highlighting using Gold Parser.
  4. Worked on a Web front-end ( with Razor) for controlling the automation framework remotely.
  5. Abstraction layer for Cisco access point automated testing via SSH.
  6. Linux SSH plugin for remotely sending commands and receiving shell output.
  7. Plugin for using WoL (wake on lan) in tests.
  8. Plugin for retrieving battery info from laptops using the Win32_Battery WMI API.
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Technical Support Representative Aug 2009 - Oct 2010 Integrated Services Inc Portland, OR
  1. I made modifications and repairs to customer’s systems such as network setups including multiple routers, access points, system upgrades, and file sharing between Linux and Windows.
  2. Escalated issues to upper tiers and to the development team when I found bugs in the software. Found a temporary solution for the customer when possible.
  3. Walked customers through installing our company's Linux Distributions, tested the system after installation, troubleshooted any issues, and verified that the system operated as designed.
  4. Investigated and resolved customer issues using logs provided by Linux OS and by our software.
  5. Trained customers in Canada, the U.S.A., and Mexico in the proper use of our point of sale software and the proper use of Red Hat Linux and Ubuntu. Assisted customers in English and Spanish.
  6. Remotely connected to customer’s systems using TinyTerm terminal emulator, Putty SSH client, WinSCP, and Real VNCViewer. Also set up customer's personal computers with this capability.
  7. Wrote technical guides for other employees to use when diagnosing customer issues.